GEOTHERMAL installations

A GeoThermal system is a unique type of HVAC system. Taking advantage of the natural temperature of the Earth, a GeoThermal system uses loops of pipe filled with liquid to capture that heat from the ground and transfer it to your home. Since the temperatures in the ground stay fairly consistent year-round the system is highly efficient. Some reports show that GeoThermal systems are 40%-60% more efficient than traditional systems. GeoThermal energy is also considered one of the greenest energy sources available, producing about 97% fewer emissions than other sources. It is true that GeoThermal systems are more expensive upfront than traditional systems, but they aren't only more efficient, but also have 2-3x the lifespan of traditional units. 


In 2009 an energy act was passed to allow homeowners to receive a 30% federal tax incentive to offset the cost of a GeoThermal system. Call today to learn more about GeoThermal and the savings you can enjoy. Value HVAC Service is also glad to provide financing through our lending partners.